Membership Registration

Becoming a Chartered Global Education Specialist will lead you to an exciting and rewarding career that can take you anywhere around the globe with privileged access to a large professional network of experts around the world. The Chartered Global Education Specialist (C.GES) license affirms that the specialist has successfully completed the formal Institute of Global Education Specialist academic program and passed the C.GES Membership Exam.

Chartered Global Education Specialists must abide by a Code of Conduct. They are also subject to a formal complaint process.

Applicants must submit all required documents before registering for the Chartered Global Education Specialist (C.GES ) Membership Exam. Those who do not submit their documents prior to the registration deadline will be denied access to the exam. No refunds will be issued, nor will the registration fee be applicable to other exam dates.

All applicants must successfully pass the below mentioned mandatory tests
prior to becoming a member and provide all of the following documents:

  • Passport page with biographic data.
  • Proof of education such as a transcript or relevant professional background and disclose all business relationships (i.e. partnerships or corporate structure, agent relationships, and similar business arrangements).
  • Proof of Good Character in form of an original police certificate from their country of residence.
  • Pay in full the C.GES Membership Exam fee of $600 Canadian dollars.
  • Full Membership exam which entails minimum of 60 assessments, which include four multiple-choice answers to choose from.

Please note, the Global College of Education Specialists (GCES) reserves the right to request additional documentation as part of the assessment process.

Global Society of Immigration Specialists (GSIS) Membership requirements:

All successful members must fill out an online Application for Membership (keep a record of the Constituent ID # assigned to you and use it in all your future correspondence)

  • Pay the annual GCES membership fee January 1st  each year.

Payment Options:

One time annual
The payments can be made through the Global College of Education Specialists website
Installment Payment
Plan to be determined with administration

When you are approved as a Full Member of the Society:

  • Your name will be posted as a Full-Member on the GCES website.
  • You will be assigned a Membership Number.
  • You will receive a Membership ID card. Prior to receiving the card, you will receive an e-mail request for 2 photo ids’ and your signature to be used on your card.
  • You will receive a Membership Certificate.
  • You are eligible to use the C.GES designation (Chartered Global Education Specialist).